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Mamma Luna
Mamma Luna
1 performer. Age suitability: 4+ Duration - 45 minutes
A museum attendant tenderly guards the Venus of Willendorf, a tiny, mysterious, stone figure enclosed in a glass cabinet. She is very precious, because she is over 25,000 years old. One day he says to her: "You have such beautiful hair but why do you have no face? You are so round but why do you have no feet? You wear jewellery but why do you have no clothes?" And he names her MAMMA LUNA. And that's when his enchanted adventures into the Stone Age begin... Meet the wondrous animals he befriends and watch him battle with silver ghosts in his quest to find the face of MAMMA LUNA. This, Peter's latest production, is an elegiac yet deeply humorous piece featuring shadow play, puppetry and metal sculptures.
It has no words.
"A magical journey; history told in an entertaining way"
Kurier, Austria
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