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David and Goliath
Peter gives masterclasses to specialists such as puppetry and theatre practitioners and students, sometimes leading to a performance.
He says: "Breathing life into inanimate objects is one challenge; transforming, say, a spoon into a recognisable mother figure is another! You have to understand both the object's potential and its limitations; to do that you've got first to respect the material from which it's made. Only then can an object become the meeting point of visual and dramatic art".
Peter has run courses at Institut du théâtre des marionnettes, Charleville (France); Figurentheaterkolleg, Bochum (Germany); Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch, Berlin; UCLA, California, the Puppet Centre in London and at several international festivals.
On request, Peter also runs workshops for teachers and for schools at both primary and secondary level. Where appropriate, and if there are a sufficient number of sessions, these could lead to an informal sharing or performance.
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